055A – 351 – SPG

Rough morning. Got up late, late start and late finish, but somehow I managed to get all the work I had scheduled in on time.

  1. Squat (L): 135×7, 150×5 190×5, 225x3x10.
  2. Bench Press (H): 115×10, 140×5, 165×3, 195×5, 225×3, 250×8, 225×10. Rep goal -1.
  3. Barbell Row (H): 135×10, 150×5, 170×3, 190×10, 135×16. Rep goal -2.
  4. Shoulder Superset:
    A. DB Lateral Raise: 10x3x10.
    B. Front DB Raise: 10x3x10.
    C. Banded Face Pullers: 3×10 (Blue).
    A. Chin-ups: 10,10,6,4. (30).
    B. Push-Ups: 10,10,20. (40).
    C. KB Swings: 15×10,10,20. (40).

TOTALS: 34 sets, 305 reps, 25,240 lbs.

I was supposed to do pull-ups, but my pull bar is bent at 20º at the ends and I don’t like pulling-up with that – creates shoulder pain, therefore chin-ups instead. Oh, and the groin injury didn’t affect my squats this morning.


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