055c- 351 – SPG

Overslept this morning, like all the way to 4am! But got under the bar at 439 — so not bad.

  1. Squat (M): 135×7,7, 150×5, 190×5, 225×5, 265×8,8,8,10. Each set I felt stronger.
  2. Bench Press (L): 115×10, 140×5, 165×10,10,15. Groove feeling good.
  3. Barbell Row (M): 135×8, 150×5, 170x4x8.
  4. KB Goblet Squat: 15x4x16.
  5. Conditioning (30 rep goal):
    A. Chin-ups: 10,10,8,6. (+4).
    B. Push-ups: 10,10,25. (+15).
    C. KB Swings: 15×10,10,16

TOTALS: 35 sets, 347 reps, 32,770 lbs.

Last May 27th (2015) was the last I attempted 265 for 4×8. I didn’t do so well and then it became apparent to me that it was time to switch programs. I started 531 shortly there-after. Today, 265 was nothing which is kinda of why I brought back 4×8 for hypertrophy training after my strength work — to see where I am at.


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