055D – 351 – SPG

Low energy this morning – really felt like, hey I should skip this day. Didn’t.

2016-05-20 05.33.52

  1. Bench Press: 115×7, 140×7, 165×5, 190×8,8,8,12. Felt pretty, groove on point.
  2. Push Press: 45×10, 65×8, 80×5, 95×5, 115x4x8. These were a grind.
  3. EZ Bar Pullover: 45×12, 60×10, 85×8, 95×8, 105×8. My right shoulder limited the ROM.
  4. Chin-ups: 11, 10, 9. After a week: much stronger.
  5. Push-Ups: 10,10,20.
  6. Alternate DB Hammer Curl: 10×20, 20×10,10,13,15.
  7. DB Tricep Kickback: 10×10, 15x4x10.

TOTALS: 35 sets, 317 reps, 21,545 lbs.

The pullovers were really difficult because my right shoulder kept limiting how low I could with the bar behind my head. This is one of the few times I wish I had the machine version of an exercise. I may switch to the dumbbell version — its just that I don’t trust my garage dumbbells.

The hammer curls are there to help stabilize my elbow joint. With so much barbell rowing (and pull/chinups), my biceps become very sore (and not DOMS and especially my right bicep) and the ROM gets cut down. It’s a bit of rehab on my part.

So that’s four days in a row. I get a day off tomorrow and Sunday I deadlift.


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