055E – 351 – SPG

After a half-a-dozen powered donut holes, two coffees, it was time to get into the gym. Beautiful morning and beautiful in the garage gym.

  1. Deadlift: 135×7,7, 185×5, 230×5, 280×3, 325×3, 280×3, 415×6,3, 275×11. Missed rep goal by -2, which is why I went back and did another set.
  2. Snatch-grip deadlift (from blocks): 225x4x8. Really feeling it today, kept them light and focused on activation.
  3. Conditioning 10 Min AMRAP: 4 rounds
    A. DB Farmer Carry: 95 lbs.
    B. Overhead Plate Carry: 45 lbs.

TOTALS: 14 steps, 85 reps, 20,750 LBS.

My eating was way off last week and I am pretty sure that is why my lifts have been excruciating. Time to get back in that slight surplus and hit the weights heavy and make those rep goals. Currently 9 weeks out from my next meet and 14 weeks out from the one following that.

Also, today was the first time I deadlifted in my new Sabo deadlift shoes. I noticed better grip and contact to the floor. Think I am going to like deadlifting in these.


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