056C – 351 – SPG

I trained at Animal House gym this morning – Milwaukees original hardcore gym. I haven’t been here since 1993 before I moved to Chicago and back. Everyone was really nice there, most of the regulars (I assume) gave me a head nod or hi. Totally made me feel at home. Might go back tomorrow.

  1. Squat (M): 135×7,7, 155×5, 205×5, 275x4x8, 225×13.
  2. Bench Press (L): 115×9, 140×5, 175x3x10.
  3. Barbell Row:  135×8, 155×5, 175x4x8
  4. Goblet Squat: 65x4x8.
  5. Conditioning (10 Minutes):
    A. Inverted Rows: 10,10,10,10. (40 reps).
    B. Push-ups: 15,15,15,15. (60 reps).
    C. BW Squat: 20,20,20,20. (80 reps).

It was nice to go to another gym – especially  this place which holds a special place in my imagination. When I was last there in the early nineties, I was still a pretty new lifter compared to some of the older, more experienced, lifters (bodybuilders) that called the place home and there were some big guys there again.


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