056D – 351 – SPG

I just had to go back and once I get settled into my new schedule and job I won’t be able to make these field trips. This time when I paid the very nominal fee of $5, I also bought a t-shirt. One thing I love to do is collect t-shirts of the gyms I visit.

  1. Bench Press (M): 115×7, 165×5, 185×3 (paused), 205×8,8,8,11, 225×5 (paused), 245×3 (paused), drop-sets —>  205×9, 185×6, 135×9. I put in a little extra work today as the chest was feeling pretty good and I could use the extra work to bring this lift back up to speed.
  2. Push Press: 45×12, 65×5, 85×5, 95×5, 115×3, 135×7,6,6,6. I was supposed to hit 8 reps on these, still my weakest lift.
  3. Conditioning (Rep goal 35):
    A. Pull-ups: 8,8,7,8,5. (35).
    B. Push-ups: 15,10,10,15. ( 55).
  4. Fluff-n-buff:
    A. DB Alternate Hammer Curls: 15×20, 20×15,15,10,10. (Corrective for all the pulling. Makes the broceps feel better after push press and rows.)
    B. Rear DB Flyes: 30×12, 35×10, 40×8, 45×5, 30×9.
  5. DB Front Raises, lateral, and behind the neck: 10x3x12.
  6. Cable Tricep Pushdowns and kickbacks:  4 sets.

I’ll probably only visit once next week again as it takes a good 45 minutes to get down there with all the road construction and traffic that I have to navigate through.


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