057A – 351 – SPG

For old times sake, I was going to train at the YMCA, but once I got to the free weight area and surveyed it, decided, no. Two very undersized racks and 19 million bench press stations with no safeties. Yeah, no way am I trusting 260 lbs over my body with some yahoo at the Y. I ended going to the Oconomowoc Anytime to train with its better equipment.

  1. Squat (L): 135×9, 150×5, 190×5, 225×10. IDK what it is, but first squats of the week are always the most difficult.
  2. Bench Press (H): 115×10, 140×5, 165×3, 210×5, 235×5, 265×6, 210×12. Rep goal -1.
  3. Barbell Row (H): 135×8, 160×5, 180×5, 200×12, 160×12. Rep goal +2.
  4. Shoulder Giant Set,12x3x12:
    A. Front DB Raise.
    B. DB Side Raise.
    C. Behind the neck DB Press.
  5. Conditioning 40 rep goal:
    A. Chin-up: 10,8,7,7,6,5. (43 reps).
    B. Push-up: 15,15,15,15. (60 reps).
    C. KB Swings: 20,20,20,10. (70 reps).

TOTALS: 39 sets, 396 reps, 23,195 lbs.

Not a bad session, wish I could have made my rep goal on BP. I probably could have eked  one more rep, but I always fear of extending my shoulder and injuring it again so the rep goals takes a back seat to health.


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