057B – 351 – SPG

With a “sick” kid and a wet rainy morning, it was a 5am training session this morning. And boy howdy was it moist in the garage.

  1. Squat: 135×7,7, 150×5, 190×5, 225×3, 285×5, 320×3, 360×4, 360×2, 285×9. Rep goal -2.
  2. Push Press: 45×12, 65×5, 80×5, 95×4, 120×4, 140×3, 155×8. Rep goal -1.
  3. Conditioning Rep Goal 40:
    A. Chin-up: 11, 9, 8, 6,6. (40 reps).
    B. Push-up: 15, 20, 15, 10. (60 reps).

TOTALS: 27 sets, 195 reps, 16,180 lbs.

I am so glad I am coming to the end of this program. I’ve run it for at least 12 weeks and if I check I bet its more like 16, which six of those weeks I had to hold at present levels (and for deadlift and bench press drop) as I was healing multiple injuries. After I finish this week its a deload, and then my next micro-cycle: strength and technique work culminating in a powerlifting meet July 13 at CrossFit 920 in Green Bay.

I am also dropping the number of training day from 5 to 4 since the last three months plus I’ve been in accumulation phase: lots of hypertrophy work to make my inner-Arnold happy. I also need to get my macros back in order and get at least 2800 – 3000 calories a day in my diet.

Sigh, I guess that means more pizza.


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