057E – SPG – 351

Last day of this program, I didn’t get to everything on the account of slamming my finger between two plates again… Teh pain!!!! I ended my workout after that, feels broken.

  1. Deadlift (H): 135×7,7, 185×5, 230×5, 280×3, 350×3, 395×3, 440×5,4,1 (10 reps), 485×1.
  2. Snatch Grip DL: 225x5x5.

TOTALS: 16 sets, 17 reps, 18,250 lbs.

Haven’t pulled a heavy single in awhile, and not this much weight since my last meet in February, and then I got the chest and subsequent hamstring injury. Next six weeks I’ll be in meet prep so it was good to hit my last opener in that single and after all “The Rule of 10” sets prior too. I felt like I owned it. I decided to incorporate the “Rule of 10” for my top sets because as I come back after the chest, hamstring, and groin injuries, I want to manage my fatigue in the top set AMRAP sets as to not get injured again. The Rule of 10 gives me the perfect option to get some extra multiple heavy rep work in at my top set.


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