It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post about training and before time gets away, I wanted to recap my last meet performance and experience.

The meet was held at a CrossFit gym, 920, that had not hosted a powerlifting meet before. The owners did have a lot of experience — including the meet director — of competing in the USAPL so it was a natural fit. Not only that, but they run a powerlifting program in addition to their regular CF programming. It was a great place to compete in. Really big and the people were awesome too.

Despite that, it was a strange meet for me, but a good one.

2016-07-16 21.08.36

SQUAT: I blew my last attempt squat not because I didn’t make depth, but because I rocked back on my heels locking knees out.Missed platform PR, but second attempt tied last meet best. 2/3 squat. 1: 402/182.5. 2: 412/187.5. 3: 424/192.5: no good. I think I jinxed myself informing them that it was a PR attempt.

2016-07-16 22.57.57

BENCH: First attempt of 275 and the safety pins were too high. Head ref allowed me to come back, but I was like, no let’s get this done, reset the bar. 3/3 bench press. 1: 275.5/125. 2:292/132.5 3: 303/137.5kg USAPL PR. I think I had more in me too. Next time. Also, I didn’t inform them that this was a PR attempt. No jinx!

2016-07-16 20.13.06

DEADLIFT: My first attempt of 485/220 I pulled on the bar and said out loud “OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS SO HEAVY!” Many people were laughing. Warming up with all those bumper plates didn’t prepare me for competition plates. 3/3 deadlift. 1: 485/220. 2: 507/230. 3: 512/232.5 kg — ties last meet attempt. Yay!

It was a very good meet, and I didn’t cede any ground from my last meet in February and before all the injuries. I improved the total amount I lifted (by 2.75 kilos) over last meet and maybe even my Wilks — depends on my bodyweight of course. (I await the official score from WI-USAPL. But I think I did improve my Wilks by a few points.)

The box we lifted at was awesome and everybody was super cool. I spent some time with the meet director and gym owners learning about their concerns/experiences running this meet. Made some friends that day. Good times and I’ve decided to drop down a weight class — from 105 back to 93kg.

I want to thank everyone again on social media for the encouragement and well wishes! That shit always makes me happy!

I have the week off, but I can’t rest long. Programming completed. 5 weeks out.


(Photo Credits: Tonya Lambeth.)


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