061A – 351 Squat

After a week off of no power lifts (except for some moderate benching and front squats) this morning marked a return to the bro-split. I decided that I need to throttle down the volume from the past 6 months to allow myself to heal up a bit with a nagging left quad strain and left oblique strain.

  1. Squat: 135×7,7, 155×5, 195×5, 230×5, 260×3, 310×3, 350×3,4
  2. Good Mornings (to pins): 115×12, 135×10, 155×10, 185×8.
  3. DB Goblet Squat: 65x3x10.
  4. Shoulder Superset 15x3x10:
    A. DB Side Lateral Raises.
    B. Front Lateral Raises.
    C. DB Rear Delt Flys.

Difficult morning, that left quad strain is hampering my comfort in the squat, even if my depth is largely unaffected. The first clip was a mess, especially the depth on the first rep and my overall upper body tightness just not there. After three reps I decided to rerack and try for more.

I’m 4 weeks out from my next meet and prior to this meet there will be no peaking cycle, just a week deload before.

Roll out of bed and lift heavy.


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