061C – Deadlift

Ah, mornings. Mornings are awesome because they bring new new promise. And some of the those promises can be a good day training before most people have taken their morning dump. Last night, I thought I was out, that I would not train today. I had a fever, and my body was in serious state of soreness — hips, lower back, left oblique, groin — all of it hurt and hurt bad. But I got up at 330 and felt really really good, which led to a great session this morning. (More on what I did to remediate most of the pain below.)

  1. Deadlift: 135×7,7, 190×7, 235×5, 285×5, 330×3, 380×3, 410×1 (instead of making such a big jump, I decided to add in just a single before my top set AMRAP set), 425×7, (missed rep goal -1), 330×6 FSLS.
  2. Deficit deadlift: 315×3, 325×3, 335×3.
  3. Overhead Plate Raise: 25×100 reps.
  4. Plate Rows: 45×100 reps.

Even though I missed the rep goal by 1, my deadlifts were solid while I did my work in a forest of bro’s curling. (Like 5 of them all doing the same thing independently.)  Hamstring firing, lockout locking, knees kneeing, and mechanically efficient. I probably could have nailed the rep goal of 8, but decided to practice caution since I have so many apparent injuries.

On those injuries, I spent some time watching Trevor at SmashWeRxs. (Find him on YouTube.) The guy has some great stuff and I really appreciate his mobility and instructionals on SMR and mobility. I took several of his ideas and put them into practice and was able to release the strain on my leg quad quite a bit — like up to at least 80%. (Or whatever.) But to be honest with myself, why did I get so bad? Its because I stopped practicing my SMR and mobility and I’ve suffered because of it. Well no more. Us older athletes must do this stuff otherwise we won’t be athletes for long. I am recommitting myself to mobility, so help me Brodin.

Headed back to the gym later to work on my nagging issues, especially my lower back. That needs release baby.


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