062C – Deadlift

I got out of work early last night and went and checked out Animal House’s new location — looks awesome! They’ve added three new deadlift/power rack combos in a massive space that with so much equipment in there, space looks crowded already. And now that its much closer to me (right next to a CrossFit gym btw that I’ve dropped-in once also). I’m looking forward to training there occasionally. After I left Animal House, I stopped at Anytime and snuck in another mobility session.

  1. Deadlift: 135×9,7, 190×5, 235×5, 285×5, 305×5, 355×5, 385×1, 405×5. Easy work today.
  2. Deficit Deadlift: 225×5, 295×3, 305×5, 325×3.
  3. Machine Rows: 140x5x10. (1 minute rest.)
  4. Overhead Plate Raises: 35×25,25,15,20,15. (100 reps).
  5. Plate Rows: 70×26,15,15. (56 reps. Wussed out.)

Brisk session this morning and of course, I scared everyone out of the weight-room as per usual. Anyway, I’ve upped my mobilization efforts in the last few days as I get closer to my next meet and and I’m feeling much better. Finally got the knot to mostly release in my oblique and my hips are moving much better. Deciding if I should squat heavy next week or not to heal up more — it won’t effect my top strength any.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.04.44 AM

In addition to upping the time spent mobilization, I made the decision to up my calories back to at least 3100 a day (from 2600) and back at least 200g of protein a day. (About a gram per pound of bodyweight.) In the past, I did not care so much about what the other percents of C and F were, but now I have increased carbs consumption higher and for some odd reason I feel stronger and leaner. C 35% P 30% F 35%.

What the fuck was I thinking going so low? Oh yeah, abs.

I’m a powerlifter, we ain’t got abs.


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