063A – Squat

I’ll keep this short. After skipping squats last week because of the oblique/lower back strain, I tried to give it a go this morning.

  1. Squat:  135×7, 155×5, 190×3, 230×5, 290×3, 330×5, 350×1, 370×2.

The kickboxing I did on Saturday brought the hurt back and as a result totally fucked my squat in depth, speed, body tightness, as well as confidence. I think at this point I need to go in with two strategies for my next meet on the 20th of August. I don’t think I can even hit my last my opening attempt of 405/183.5. Grrr. I may either just skip squats, or squat where I can hit depth and sharpen my technique, or just do it as push/pull. I’ve got some time to release that knot, so I have to play it by ear.

I was so demoralized that I only did squats and got the hell out. After next meet I am planning 3 weeks off with recovery programming following that and then strengthening my weakness and retooling my squats. Hint: not enough hamstrings and its hampering my strength development.


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