Wolf Open Pre-meet Warm-ups

Went in today to run my warm-up to not only get a general feeling how my body is feeling, but to test out how well squats are since I took off last week to let the oblique and quad strains heal a little.

Squats: I really concentrated breaking at the hips and on hip drive. After reviewing some older video I’m noticing a tendency to drive with my quads while neglecting the big muscles in my posterior chain. After this next meet, I was planning on retooling my squat (again) because I haven’t been all that satisfied the mechanics of my squat since the quad strain. I have a few technical boo-boos that I need keep in mind at the meet, but if I can my squats won’t be as abysmal as I feared.

Also, I used my new INZER lever belt and the difference in belts is amazing. I think I am in love.

Bench Press: Felt really loosey-goosey this morning. I’m not terribly concerned about that, I’ll dial it in for the meet.

Deadlift: These moved fast and effortlessly.

Of course, these are warm-ups and they should be easy — which is true — if I wasn’t fighting through a right groin strain, tight hips, and a left oblique strain that makes squatting a really uncomfortable messy movement to perform. Oh and a cold! I have summer cold too. But I think I am going to be okay and depending on my first two attempts of bench and deadlift, I think I’m might have new platform PR’s in store.

For the rest of this week, its cold baths, mobility, eating up to 3,100 calories a day and hitting my macros every single day, and walking.

Saturday is the meet. Can’t wait to get this done.



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