2016 Wolf Open Recap

I left early in the morning, giving myself two full hours to drive up to the meet. As I got into town, with about an hour to spare, I found the Anytime and got on the foam roller and treadmill to undue the 90 minutes I sat in the car on the journey up. I got a good mile in and a good half hour of work in on my hips and back, and two pre-meet bath breaks in too. Game plan on target.

Once I got to the school, I got my sign-in and rack heights done pretty quickly while giving State Chair Tanya a hello. At weigh-in, I didn’t make weight (91.1kg/200.84 lbs) so I was moved down a class to the 93kg and I didn’t even try cutting this time. As I am sitting in the stands, it suddenly occurred to me, that hey, I might not be in the third flight, and wouldn’t you know it, I was in the first flight after confirming with the officials. I was completely behind in stretching and getting my warm-ups in. I made haste and basically after I hit my last warm-up of 385 lbs I walked out, waited a few mins, and hit my first attempt of 405 lbs.

  1. SQUAT: 405×1, 415×1, 420×0.
    I went for my last attempt and as soon as I un-racked the bar, I could tell my back wasn’t going to have it. Still, I walked away with a PR of 1.6 pounds over last meet. At this point, I feeling pretty confident in my strategy for today.
  2. BENCH PRESS: 285×1, 305×1, 315×1. 
    These were feeling really good. The head ref for the lift was calling a very, very short pause, so I figured WTH go for three wheels. The lift wasn’t the prettiest (at least to me), but it was wasn’t the worst (form-wise) and I hit new PR of 10+ today. From my last meet, my bench was strong, so that also added to my confidence I could in there and successfully hit 315 lbs.At this point of the meet I was feeling pretty confident, even though I had gone 5/6, I still had walked a way with two PR’s and was on track to at least tie my last Wilks. Lurking in the back of my mind, was fear over the deadlift.
  3. DEADLIFT: 505×0, 505×0, Didn’t even attempt it.
    505 lbs is a lift I’ve pulled many times, and I just pulled 5 weeks ago at the 920 Raw Open, but I still had my concerns. In warm-ups, everything moved fast and technically dead nuts, except 485 — I had do that twice and it HURT. I shrugged it off but in the back of mind, but I was considering changing my opening lift and I should have. I went up to the official, 30 seconds late. The first lifter of my flight was given the “bars loaded” command.Arg.

    If I would have changed my opener it would have been 450, then subsequent lifts would have 475, maybe 485 or 495 and I would have walked out with three successful deadlift attempts — even though they would have been warmups and far under my top set at 920 raw of 515. Sometimes gravity wins.

I thought I had a solid strategy heading into this meet, but I was wrong. It wasn’t my squat I had to worry about, it was my deadlift. Although it was nice change of pace to be lifting in pounds at this meet — as it gave me an instant PR squatting — I was hoping we could use 45 plates to keep it as close to the calibrated competition kilo plates to keep things as close to past competitions. They also use 100 pound plates — which was weird — and I’ve only ever lifted with those on a hip sled.

TOTALS: 5/9. PRs in Squat and Bench Press. Wilks: 210.10.

This meet is finished and now I have a solid three weeks off which I desperately need for my body to heal. My next block of programming will be bodybuilding and conditioning focused, working to resolve weaknesses in my body — core mostly — and I am going to work on improving my squat (I don’t need a rebuild) and retooling my deadlift. My deadlift set-up is just mental and I need to change that.

Not planning another full meet until the State meet in January. I may do a few non-sanctioned push/meets in the meantime.


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