Chest Day W1D1

Okay, I lied. I am not going to take a full three weeks off. I mean I will, but I won’t. Let me Mattsplain it for you.

I got to thinking (about that first uncomfortable rep back) about the long road its been, through injury, age, and inactivity that it has taken to finally and successfully make a 315 lb (143kg) bench press attempt at a powerlifting meet. I don’t want to surrender any ground, not even a half-step, so I am going to continue to strength train bench press, while giving deadlift and squat a three week break. Today was  straight-out bodybuilding.

  1. Bench Press: 115×10, 140×5, 170×5, 215×3, 225×3, 240×1, 255×10. Rep goal +2.
  2. BBB Bench Press: 140×10,10,10,10,13.
  3. Inline DB Press: 50×8,8,8,10.
  4. Cable Crossovers: 20x3x20.
  5. ISO Machine Rows: 157.5x5x10.
  6. CONDITIONING 10 Mins. (Whew out of shape.)
    A. Chin-ups: 5,5,5.
    B. Push-ups: 10.10,10.
    C. KB Swings: 35×15,15,15.

Yesterday, I saw a Physical Therapist and there I discovered that my left leg (the leg with all the problems) had become an inch shorter, (which explains the feeling I had that the leg was shorter and the limp LOL) in addition to an SI injury and tight IT bands. The PT explained that my Ilium had become bent inward and it was creating all sorts of problems. After some pulling and other stretches we got me back in alignment. I don’t know about you, but I love love going to the PT. I always learn so much.

Anyway, after PT yesterday I am feeling really good today. That internal oblique/QL strain and left quad strain, while still sore, feels so much better and I have ROM back, like I can pick my leg up and get in my SUV again without having to use my arms to pick it up and place my leg in the car.

Yeah, it had become that severe.



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