Deadlift Day: Full Retool

Goal today was to introduce a new deadlift setup and movement pattern. 

Cues I concentrated on were engaging my glutes, not dropping my hips so slow, twisting elbows in, and a steady, but not sudden, pull off the floor. Still needs work and I was probably only successful with this new cueing about 60-70%. (Also, I want to work on my head position and breathing and the timing of my hips next time.) 

All-in-all I did 18 sets of deadlifts today. 

1. Deadlift: 135×5,4,6,5,5, 225x3x5. 315×3,3,5,5. 405×2,2,1. 225x3x10.

I had to see how my form was at higher percentages so I went up to four plates. I tried my feet closer in, but found that my grip was affected. I went back to my usual stance. 

Still, good effort and my deadlift will be stronger after this retooling process.


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