It’s been awhile since I updated my training log and that’s for several reasons, which I won’t go into now, but suffice to say they are injury related.

Anyway, today’s session went a little like this…

  1. Corrections/Warmups: 10 mins.
  2. Hanging Bent Let Raises: 26 reps. (AMRAP 1 Minute.)
  3. Banded Hip Thrusts: 3×15.
  4. Bench Press (H): 115×7, 145×5, 175×3, 215×5, 245×3, 275×6, joker sets –> 285×3, 295×2. Met rep goal.
  5. Incline DB Presses: 50×8,12,10,10,10.
  6. Cable Crossovers (Low): 10x3x15.
  7. ISO Machine Rows: 140x5x10.
  8. 10 Min Conditioning (3 rounds):
    A. 250 Row.
    B. Battle Ropes: 20.
    C. Wall Balls (10#): 15.

Pretty good day, considering my back was achy. Hopefully, if I continue with corrections and stay from deadlift and squat for a few more weeks, I can than begin to rebuilt those lifts. Miss them.

And to think, it was rope climbing that injured me. Arg.


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