Morning started rough and I got my daughter late to school, but just in time for her color run. As a proud father, my daughter ran the whole course, crushed it, and led the whole run. 😀

I got into the gym and after warmups/corrections, that QL and back, although tight/sore was feeling pretty good, which is why I felt it would be okay to train deloaded squat today.

The last few reps of Set 5 is where I want to be. Elbows pointing in, chest up, and lots of groovy hip drive.

As I heal, I will be RDLing and Snatch-grip deadlift as my primary lifts for awhile.

  1. Corrections/Warmups: 10 Mins.
  2. Hanging Bent Knee Raise: 22 reps.
  3. Butt-Ups: 3×15.
  4. Squat: 135×5, 165×5, 195,5,5,6,5.
  5. DB Split Squat: 25×10,10,7,10.
  6. Snatch-grip Deadlift: 135x4x8.
  7. Reverse Hyperextension: 45×8,5,5.
  8. Front Plate Raise: 35×52 reps.

Since I spent so much time on my squats (videoing and reviewing) this workout took forever to complete so I didn’t get to my conditioning round. But, I gotta say, I am feeling awesome about my squat. Still going to take it slow with it, but at these severely deloaded levels, just working with these weights alone really lifts my spirits.


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