My training order this week is a little mixed up because I did not expect my back to be feeling as good as it is. But I gotta say, it’s awesome to get even this much work in.

  1. Correctives/Warmups: 10 mins.
  2. Hanging Bent Knee Raises: 30.
  3. Hip Thrusts: 3×15.
  4. Bench Press (L): 115×8, 125×5, 135×5, 155×10,10,10,10,12. 1 minute rest.
  5. DB Floor Press: 75x4x8.
  6. Low Cable Crossovers: 20x3x15.
  7. ISO Lat Rows (wide grip): 140×10,10,10,10,8.
  8. Incline DB Seal Rows: 35×10, 45×10, 55×10, 65×8, 45×12,8. Really makes the minor and major rhombodies sing.
  9. 10 Minute Conditioning: 4 rounds of 5 wide grip pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 20 KB swings.

Since I don’t have anyone to train or any classes tomorrow, I’m going to train legs again — do the first workout of the week that I missed. It’s weird to be lifting in body building mode again and focusing just on muscle groups and not so much on the lifts, reps or 1RM PRs.

Good change of pace, but I’m dying to get on the platform again. Speaking of which, by January my deadlift and squat won’t be where they should, but I’ll be at State competing bench only — to keep me sharp and focused with my training in the gym.

Hope to hit a big PR that day.


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