“Felt Hungover” Workout

Spent the better part of twelve hours yesterday cleaning my daughters room and moving it to another room. All that dust and with the time change, made performance this morning not one of my best. Fall back is really difficult for a guy who only sleeps on average five hours a night. I sense a nap and some Xanax in my future.

  1. Overheard squat: 45×2. (Skill work).
  2. BB Floor Press: 135×10, 165×5, 185×5, 200×8,8,8,13.
  3. DB Curl: 25×25, 30×20, 35×15, 40×15.
  4. DB tricep kickback: 15×20,15,20,15.

I blew off the Conditioning work afterwards- just didn’t have it in me. But I’d rather get in a partial training session (even though today was all bonus) than not.

Well, back to house cleaning and organizing my daughter’s room.


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