531 – HMVII – Week 3

Been to busy to update my daily training log so instead I am just going to review the last week in digest form. Last week was Week 3 and this week I am enjoying a nice deload week and training a little with my new friends at Crossfit Delafield.

073A – Heavy Bench Day

Began the workout with some light squats. I choked down the number of sets — just the warm-ups — and then hit heavy bench. All workouts are preceded by 10 minutes of mobility with corrective work.

  1. Hanging Leg Raise 1 min AMRAP: 22 reps
  2. BB Squats (L): 120×5, 150×5, 180×5.
  3. Bench Press (H): 115×5, 145×5, 175×5, 220×5, 250×3, 280×5,5,4, FSLS: 225×11 AMRAP. Rep goal -3.
  4. Dumbbell Flyes: 50x3x8x12.
  5. 10 Min Conditioning AMRAP, 3 rounds: 5 pull-ups, 15 pushups, 15 overhead 35# plate raises.

I’ve added in extra sets on my bench since I’ve been regularly missing rep goals on the top sets. From now on, I will be doing a Rule 20 on these as I continue to build reps at lower percents to bring this lift up. Otherwise, felt strong that day.

073B – Heavy Squat Day

With the lower volume on the day before, I was hoping my squats would bounce back a bit. Week one squats, at a measly 305 really sucked donkey balls. Once I got that 305 on my back — which should have been no problem — messed with my confidence, thus I knocked off another 20 pounds from my TM.

  1. Barbell Squats (H): 120×7, 150×5, 180×3, 225×5, 250×3, 280x3x9, FSLS: 225×12 AMRAP. Exceed rep goal +1.
  2. Leverage ISO Row: 180x4x10.
  3. Low Pulley Cable Row: 30x4x10.

My squats felt pretty awesome that day. I hit that first top set and was like, yeah more. I knew I was going to have confidence with this weight because before the injury I went 4×8 with 285 lbs for that medium day’s work. I did wear my belt and knees sleeves that day and I think that helped just having that extra bracing as the QL continues to heal and to help rebuild that confidence I once had.

073C – Medium Squat/Bench Press Day 

Didn’t take any video that day, but this was pretty easy breezy. I did get in a long conversation with the PT at the gym talking shop so it kinda cut down the time I had to get all the work in that I needed too. Not worried.

  1. BB Squat (M): 135×7, 185×6, 205×5, 215x3x10.
  2. Bench Press (M): 115×7, 145×7, 175×5, 185×5, 195x5x10.
  3. Shoulder Superset:
    A. DB Side Lateral Raise: 12x3x12.
    B. DB Y-Raise: 12x3x12.
  4. Bent-over Rear Delt Flyes: 25×12, 30×12, 35×8, 40×10, 45×6.

Ran out of time to do any conditioning. All-all-all, good workout.

073D – Heavy Deadlift Day 

Pumped up for this day. Knew I could defeat the rep goal set for my top set deadlifts.


  1. Deadlift (H): 135×7, 165×6, 210×3, 315×5, 255×5, 400×9. Rep goal +1.
  2. Deficit Deadlifts: 250x5x10.
  3. 2-Arm BB Landmine Rows: 150x3x8,12. Feeling strong on these. +50 lbs over two weeks.
  4. 12 Minute Loaded Carry Medley, 4 rounds: 95 lbs farmer walks, 45 lbs overhead plate carries.

I don’t know why, but on these days, I have joker sets planned to get in some extra work at my higher percents and to help return some confidence in deadlifting much heavier weights. Totally spaced. Anyway, quite happy with Saturdays’ effort.

073E – Accessory Day 

Walked in with a little trepidation for this session, my shoulder — especially my left one — a little beat up from squatting so much. Gonna have to tweak my upper body cueing a some to alleviate this discomfort while increasing my shoulder mobility.

  1. BB Floor Press: 135×10, 165×5, 175×5, 185×5, 195×5, 215x3x8,10. (10+ lbs increase over last week.)
  2. Bi/Tri Superset:
    A. DB Bicep Curls: 30×20, 35×15, 40×12, 45×10.
    B. Tricep DB Kickbacks: 14x4x15. (Limited ROM.)
  3. Cable Face Pullers: 70×20, 80×18, 90×16, 100×16, 110×12.
  4. 12 Min Conditioning Superset, 4 rounds:  250 M row, 20 rope slams, 15 wall balls.

Otherwise, the week was really good. I was beginning to have my doubts because Week 1 of this micro-cycle (squats) was brutal. I’m a little over 8.5 week from my next meet and this next micro-cycle will be a crucial one in establishing what I am looking to attempt on the platform. The last micro-cycle I will cut out lots of the volume and train heavy singles.


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