075A – 531 HMV II

Ah, good to be back at the grind after a fun week of Crossfit. I was curious to see how my performance would be today with all the volume on Friday’s Fight Gone Bad workout — and not to mention two other days of Crossfit. Granted, I barely had half the reps (157) of what the leader accomplished in three sets (351), but still I left that workout (and subsequent deload squats) pretty fatigued.




  1. Overhead Hanging Leg Raises: 17. Whoa these hurt. Grip hurt. Left shoulder hurt.
  2. Barbell Squat (L): 120×7, 155×7 185×5, 215x2x7. These were feeling sooo good today. Which surprised me, but last weeks deload squats didn’t feel so good — probably because that was the only time I squatted last week.
  3. Barbell Bench Press (H): 120×7, 150×3, 180×3, 210×3, 240×3, 265×8,5. These felt strong and bar speed was quick and the lockout was solid, so I went back for another set. 
  4. Barbell Hyper-extentsions: 135×7,5,5,3. Messed around with these today. In-between sets I did unilateral suitcase holds for 30 seconds, both arms.
  5. Dumbbell Flyes: 60×8,8,8,11. Long pause at the bottom — felt strong.
  6. 10 Minute Conditioning, 5 rounds: 0 Chinups, 12 pushups, 12 plate raises. These were brutal today. With my shoulder feeling funky, it hurts to pull-up so I did scapular pull-ups instead.

Otherwise, I am encouraged by my squats, bench looks on track, and when I see my physical therapist next week, I will be sure to get the shoulder worked on and some corrective work in my program.



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