075B – HMVII

For today’s warm-up I incorporated bear crawls in my warmup/mobility routine — thank you Matt and Maggie at CF Delafield —  for this idea. I’ve given this exercise to my  PT clients before, but never thought I of using it in my warm-ups. Sweet.

  1. Barbell Squat: 120×7,  155×5, 185×3, 215×3, 245×3, 275×12 (rep goal +2), 295×3, 315×3, 335×2, 365×2, 215×12. OMG! Making my way back!
  2. DB Shoulder Press: 25x2x12, 30×12,8. Gonna lay off of pretty much all overhead work for awhile — a little light work to make it feel better.
  3. Leverage ISO Row: 170x4x8.
  4. Low Pulley Cable Crossover: 15x3x12,14. Da pump!

Oh it was mighty good training day today. Mighty. Good. After I hit my AMRAP of 275×12 (exceeding rep goal by 2) I decided to get some heavy singles to begin to rebuild my confidence in some heavier (for me) lifts. Three wheels were butter, so I kept loading. The last two sets have some minor form problems, but my depth is there and that is nothing I can’t correct in time.

I’m 8 weeks out and I have hope of getting close to my last meets bests!


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