077 – 351 HMVII – WEEK 7

The past week of training was a very good one. Very positive. Because of Christmas and the need to begin to taper the volume, I trained three straight days in a row: squat, bench, deadlift. This is also the week I start to introduce heavy singles.

077A – Heavy Squat Day


  1. BB Squats (H): 135×7, 155×5, 185×5, 230×5, 260×3, 290×12, 315×2, 250×2, 370×2, 390×1. Rep goal +2.
  2. Seated Behind the Neck Military Press (H): 55×5, 70×5, 80×3, 100×5, 115×3, 130×7. Rep goal +2.
  3. Low Cable Crossover: 15x3x10.
  4. Super set of Banded Face Pulls/Banded Pull A-parts: 4×25. 100 reps.

I had much more in the tank on all these sets, which hopefully means that I haven’t lost too much strength in the squat.

077B – Heavy Bench Day

  1. BB Bench Press (H): 120×5, 150×5, 180×3, 225×5, 250×3, 280×6, 295×1, 305×1, 315×0. Rep goal achieved.
  2. DB Flyes: 40×12,15,15,15.
  3. Cable Crossovers: 25x4x25 (100 reps.)
  4. Cable Face Pullers: 60×20, 70×18, 80×16, 90×12.
  5. Bent-Over DB Rear Delt Flys: 15×16,18,16,16.

Fatigued singles of 295 & 305 lbs, and fail of 315. I am not too worried about the very last, its been since September since I’ve had anything over 300 on the bar so I decided to load it up after the preceding AMRAP to see where I’m at. Come meet time, I thin I will be fine because I have built up many reps in that 75-95% range since September. Left shoulder still a little sore so I am going to throttle down bench work for awhile and only bench once a week and up the correctives and stretching.

077D – Deadlift



  1. Deadlift (H): 135×7, 170×5, 215×5, 255×3, 320×5, 3600×3, 405×9, 440×1, 460×1, 485×1. Rep goal achieved.
  2. Deficit Deadlift: 315x2x5,7.
  3. Landmine 2-Arm BB Row: 150x4x8.
  4. Treadmill – Walk: 0.5 mile.

So all-in-all it was a very good deadlift session and a great week of lifting. Everything moved quick including the singles of 440, 460, 485 lbs. I was surprised how fast they broke the floor. Post injury, changing my setup to more “Grip-n-rip” was a good move. I no longer worry about the weight and instead of all that bouncing I used to do in my setup — where I would slack my body — I now stay tight throughout the movement. I’m feeling really confident heading into the next meet.

I might do a little Crossfit tomorrow and next week a quick SBD deload session on Monday and then just walking and mobility leading up to a New Years deadlift meet at West Allis Crossfit.


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