State Meet Prep – 01B1

Yesterday, I had a job interview on the Eastside so I dropped in for a workout at Badger Crossfit because I’m rarely downtown and I’ve always wanted to check the place out. It was a doozy.

Boy-howdy did I choose a heck of a day. I had to scale the pull-ups and the the overhead work (shoulder and tricep soreness), but otherwise this was a challenging class. Loved it. I have done Cindy a number of times (usually with 225 lbs back squat for conditioning) after my strength work and it always kicks my ass — but at the start of a workout it’s pretty easy. Speaking of the class, everyone I met was really nice/supportive and I even got to talk shop with the owner Tyler — who conducted the class. Classy guy.

Also with yesterday, I barely ate more than 2200 calories so I was in rough shape today heading into the gym to train heavy bench, but I figured training through the fatigue would be good training stimulus. Yes, I have a bit of the iron flu.

  1. Bench Press: 135×7, 185×5, 205×5, 225×3, 250×2, 275×2, 295x2x1. 
  2. DB Floor Press: 5 reps: 55, 60, 65, 70, 75.
  3. DB Lateral Raise; DB Front Raise; DB Bent Over Rear Fly Superset: 12x3x12.
  4. DB Bicep Curls: 20×20, 25×20, 30×15, 35×10.
  5. DB Kickbacks: 10x4x15.

Commands to myself were off a little bit today. Note to self: while tapering never do Crossfit again while peaking and if I do, eat!  But really, don’t.

Warming up with the bar I was worried, nothing felt right, but once I threw on the first plate, the game was afoot. My body was pushing the bar mechanically and efficiently. Also, I need to get back into the habit with my four count breathing I set up my bench – this helps to tighten up my upper body and mentally prepare for the heavy pause work to come.


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