Meet Prep – 01B2

Was working on a design project all day (and still not happy with it) so I blew eating my usual feed amount and got into the gym much much later.

  1. Bench Press: After warmups: 275×2, 295×1, 305x2x1. 
  2. Dumbbell Floor Press: 60×7, 65×7, 70×7, 75×14.
  3. Side, Front, rear DB delt raises: 10x3x10. Kept them light.
  4. DB Bicep Curls: 25×14, 30×10, 35×10.
  5. DB Tricep Ext: 10x3x10.

I am not all that happy with my competition bench these last few weeks, they  have felt “not good.” Especially the pause: it is not as motionless as I’d like. 

Funny thing, going into this meet prep, on bench I was confident in — squat and deadlift not so — but now it’s the reverse, squat and deadlift I have the most confidence in.

Still it was good to get 305 on the bar and work with it — it will help me determine my opener in two weeks.


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