Meet Prep – 01C2

I was invited to check out a new gym today, Riverwest Strength and Conditioning by coach and owner Kreg Greer – who has an impressive Olympic resume in speed skating. It was also great stopping in for a sandwich at Fuel cafe at visiting with Cory V for a moment.

  1. Deadlift: After warmups: 445, 475, 495, 505 lbs.
  2. Deficit Deadlifts: 315, 335. Didn’t push these very hard today and I’m keeping the assistance work down.

That 505 moved so quick… it felt really fast off the floor. Boy I hope I put the right weight on! Anyway, it was great to pull 505 lbs again — I haven’t pulled +495 lbs since June and the injury in April.

I’ve was informed that I’m the first powerlifter to train at Riverwest Strength and Conditioning and also the first person lift that amount of weight. #humblebrag  Special thanks to Coach Kreg for the invite, and being such a nice host, and talking as much shop as we did. 

A hidden gem of a gym in city indeed.


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