Meet Prep – 01A3

Every morning I get up and I weigh myself. Normally I don’t care what I weight, but as meet day approaches, I have to know where  I am trending in the morning — usually its around 210 lbs. I need to get down to 205 to make that 93Kg class.


  1. Barbell Squat: After warmups: 320, 340×1, 360×1, 375x2x1.
  2. Barbell Walkouts: 405, 415, 425
  3. DB Goblet Squat: 75x1x15
  4. Stability Ball Hyperextensions: 3×20.
  5. Tabata Rowing: 2 rounds. 570 calorie burn, 1810 meters.

Everything felt misgrooved today, depth seemed sketchy, and even the walkouts were not purty. Ended the session with two rounds of Tabata rowing to assisting in cutting, and I actually quite enjoyed the intensity.

Moving forward from this terrible day of squats, I’m going to go ahead and squat a little tomorrow — heavy enough to know its there, but light enough to hit depth over and over again. Problem with bro-splits — not enough practice in the week.


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