Meet Prep – 01A4

Body feeling pretty good and rested this morning. After I got some work done on the computer, it was time for training.

  1. Bench Press: After warm-ups: 295, 305, 315 lbs singles.
  2. DB Floor Press: 60×12, 70×10, 75×12.
  3. DB Shoulder Superset: 12x3x10. (Front, side, and rear delt raises.)
  4. DB Curls: 25×20, 30×20, 35×15.
  5. DB Tricep Kickbacks: 10x3x15.

I decided to veer off what I had programmed in for today since my last bench session left  some doubts. I needed the practice at heavier weights so up I went to three wheels and I am happy to report: everything is A-OK. 315 lbs moved easy.

Deadlift tomorrow.


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