Meet Prep – 01c3

Over the past week, I’ve been cutting to get back into the 93k class. Morning weight is beginning to trend downwards  so hopefully I can cut a few more pounds by next Saturday without too much feelz.

  1. Deadlift: After warmups: 405, 455, 475, 500 lbs singles 
  2. Treadmill walk: 0.5 miles

Deadlifts felt slow and heavy today, but I needed to work with plates again and not bumpers. I’m always suspicious of bumpers. Who knows what they could be stuffed with? Feathers? 

Today’s workout concludes the last of the heavy work I will be doing. Monday I will just do some of my warmups, just enough to keep the weight and movements familiar without adding fatigue. Rest of the time I will mobilize and walk.

How am I feeling leading up to State? IDK, not as confident as I wanted to be, but not nervous either. I know I can walk in and get 1200 lbs on my first attempts alone so that gives me some hope.


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