2017 USAPL-WI State Meet Recap

I have been patiently waiting for the National office to release the officials from the meet on January 28th and to receive the photography I ordered from 9for9 to be released, but I don’t want to much time to pass by and forget all the details. After this last week off, tomorrow (Tuesday) I get back on program.

Training: 16 Weeks Out

Coming off the QL and internal oblique injuries and  the IT and Psoas strain (which I competed through two miserable meets last year) that once the injuries started to heal and my body started felt good again, my goal 16 weeks out was to get as strong as possible while remaining injury and healthy as possible. My physical therapist, Andrew, was a huge part of that giving correctives and mobilizing those areas that were banged up during our appointments.

My goal for State was to take my best lifts to date spread out over a number of meets and combine them in one meet, nailing them on my second attempts and go for a modest platform PR on all last attempts.

Taper Week: The Week Leading Up

After way too many days of indecision I decided that I wanted to cut some weight to compete against my Wilks, and since I was scheduled to compete in xherthe 93kg class I had better. On Tuesday I began a water cut in addition to cutting calories and carbs and increasing cardio. Top record is where I was on Tuesday, even going up another pound by Monday. The middle record shows a loss of -4 lbs overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday morning when I began my water load — like 3+ gallons. The final record is from Thursday morning’s weigh-in of 206. I was pretty confident that I would make my desired weight class of 93kg — which I did. I weighed in at 92.5 — about a pound under.

After making weight I made sure to refuel. Gatorade, five boiled eggs, protein bars and drinks, water, and my daughter’s Goldfish Extra-cheese Blasters to get as much salt back into my body after so much water loading. My head was “buzzed” or something for being such low calories the week before and I needed to get back to normal before I squat.

The Meet

Squat: I got up to do my first squat, my first attempt on the platform since June, and I missed it! I thought depth was there (others told me it was) but that I didn’t listen to commands. Crap! And I practice those so I don’t miss commands. I left the platform momentarily crestfallen but resolved to get back up there and try my opener again. I went 2/2 my next two lifts, tying my last meet best on the last attempt.

Bench Press: Really no surprises here. I hit my last meet best on my second attempt and because I was feeling pretty good, I decided to go for a substantial increase on my last attempt – which I missed. I should have gone for a modest bump, but I didn’t.

Deadlift: These were feeling really good. On warm-ups I cut-down on the number of reps to manage fatigue. I hit my conservative open and then hit a slight PR on attempt two and my last attempt hit an all time PR of 529 lbs, beating the old record I set NYE of 525 before the cascade of injuries hit me. It was so awesome to finally break that mental barrier. That last attempt, the bar speed was so quick!

Totals: 7/9, 1,256 lbs / 569 kgs. (+12 kgs.) 2/3 Squat: 413/187.5. 2/3 Bench Press: 314/142.5. 3/3 Deadlift: 529/240 All time PR! 


As a bonus for my efforts, I took home a 3rd Place Bronze finish in my Age/Weight Division! (I believe there was six of us.) What a great surprise! I never compete to win medals, just to better myself and let the awards fall where they may.  This was the first time I ever placed in a USAPL meet!


All-in-all, this meet couldn’t have gone any better. I stuck to a strategy, put in the reps, and excuted that strategy on the platform. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. The next meet I want to compete in is the Badger Open in June and begin training for that one tomorrow and will be going up a weight class back to the 105s.


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