HMV IV Weeks 1-6: Next Six Programming Weeks

Since I’ve had so much success with a high volume high frequency approach to training with 531 (in 351 format) as the basis of this approach, and now that I am pretty damn healthy, I thought it was time to return back to the Holy Mother of Volume.

  1. 6 week cycle
  2. Week 1: Rule of Twenty last set
  3. Week 2: Only 5 reps last set
  4. Week 3: Singles, up to three (joker) sets
  5. Squat and  bench press x3 week.
  6. OHP x1
  7. Deadlift x1
  8. Progressively load accessories
  9. 10 minute warmup/correctives
  10. 10 minutes for conditioning.
  11. 75 minute session total
  12. Build that yoke, upper back, triceps!

The program looks something like this:


Since my left Teres Minor, rear delt, and upper tricep and lat are still a bit sore (but getting better) and I still want to pull-up and push-up, I have scaled that movement to inverted rows. Also, I want to develop my upper traps and lower lats more so I’ve added in plate raises and the lower lat pull-downs to make that back bigger, deeper and broader which will hopefully carry-over to my bench press and deadlift. I just have to be sure to eat enough and in surplus to make this work and stave off injury and overtraining.

I start tomorrow!


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