Slept like crap last night! I had zero energy, and desire to train today. 

  1. Squat: 115×5, 160×5, 190×3, 225×3, 250×3, 285×9,11.
  2. Military Press: 55×5, 70×5, 85×3, 100×3,110×3, 125×7,8,4.
  3. DB Shoulder Superset 12x3x10: Lateral, anterior Raises, and bent over Flyes.
  4. DB Bicep Curls: 25×20, 30×15, 35×13, 40×10.
  5. Conditioning 3×25: inverted Rows, floor push-ups, 25# OH Plate Raises

Despite the brief interlude in training I took to compete for USAPL-WI State, I am resuming the process of reloading my squat and deadlift. Second set of 285 I did with a belt, and whoa that made a difference. I never really knew how much. Also, my form felt so sweet today:Really efficient and on-point. It’s Squat Day and I’m love. 

I know the rage is standing up and in the front rack position but A) that hurts, bad; B) as a powerlifter, behind the neck has the greatest carryover to bench press. If I take those two factors over not being able to do heavy overhead work, behind the neck military wins every time

Glad I got in and grind out this workout. 


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