Gym tourism today at a new gym out in Lake Country, and I gotta say, I really love this place — too bad it isn’t 15 minutes closer I’d make more training sessions happen there… so much groovy equipment!

  1. Squats: 135×9, 185×5, 195×3, 225x5x10
  2. JM Bench Press: 115x3x10.
  3. Leg Press: 225x4x25.
  4. Cable Lat Pulldowns: 30×40,30,30.
  5. Slater Log Press: Logx2x8, 50x3x3, 70×4.

Squats moved well and it was nice to pick-up this volume and this weight after a tapering, peaking, and a meet.

The JM Presses I didn’t like, so I will be substituting them with something else.

Also, I played with the Slater Log and blew off my conditioning. Not sure if I was doing them correctly, but I wanted to play with it. I loaded 70 lbs plus whatever the log ways and a few sets of them. I feel 11.7657% more badass now.

Might try to squeeze in a deadlift session there on Saturday. I would love to use the farmers handles and all the space.


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