HMV – 083A

Got in some bench work today, but first — and since I hadn’t done it yet — I wanted to check out my squat’s bar path in this reload. And it looks pretty good.


  1. Squat: 135×7, 160×7, 190×18.
  2. Bench Press: 115×7, 140×5, 170×3, 215×5, 240×3, 270×7 (rep goal -1), 290×3, 300×3 (rep PR +1), 315×1.
  3. DB Floor Press: 60×12, 65×10, 70×10, 80×10.
  4. DB Flyes: 60×8,8,8,20.
  5. Conditioning 3 rounds:
    Pushups: 25,20,20.
    25# OH Plate Raises: 25,25,20

I probably would have made rep goal if I would have use my competition grip and not this narrower one. In the triples I switched back to my normal grip (which is the competition grip) and was much stronger/faster off my chest. Lately, the conditiong has been kicking my ass, but I have to keep working on it.

I think I will have to move my training back to early as I lost about an hour today coaching up a kid who asked for deadlift advice and how to “increase his bench press.” While he listened to me about his deadlift, he all but ignored my recommendations that he look into an intermediate program. No worries, he watches Bradly Martin on YouTube. (Then go ask him.) I love helping people, but if I give you advice — don’t dismiss it out of hand — say at least say you’ll look into it. In all the countless times I’ve been approached for help at the gym, I’ve only had one of these guys take my programming recommendations seriously. Meanwhile, I’m training and getting stronger and they’re failing and wondering why they have stalled or regressed.

I wonder is it just people, or globo-gym culture in general?


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