091B – 5/3/1

Got up sleepy this morning and got ready to work on my squats.

  1. Jump Squat: 10.
  2. DB Goblet Squat: 30×10.
  3. Squat: 135×7, 165×5, 200×5, 215×5, 250×5, 285×12 missed rep goal -3, 300×5, 325×5, 345×4.
  4. Leg Press: 225x4x25.
  5. Back Extensions: 3×12.

Squats still do not feel that great. I tried not to think too much about cueing this morning and just squat which did help a little. IDK, perhaps I’m being too introspective with squats and perhaps I need to stop thinking and just lift.

It’s also frustrating to think that in this squat reload that benching 300 feels and moves so much better then in the squat. 



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