091C – 5/3/1

Decided to go down to Atlas Gym 2 (in Kenosha) for my shoulder session since this will probably be one of the last I will be able to do gym tourism as I’m expecting a job offer this week or the next.

To get there, I drove through rain and semis to make it, but I was presently surprised with the gym — a great place for the powerlifter.

  1. Military Press: 60×5, 75×5, 90×3, 95×5, 110×5, 125×9 rep goal -3, 145×3, 150×3, 155×1.
  2. Rack Pulls: 225×18, 335x4x8.
  3. DB Press: 30×12, 40×8, 50x3x8, 11,
  4. DB Saw Shrug: 30×25,17,15,15.
  5. Side & Front DB Raises: 12x3x12.
  6. Rear Delt Fly: 20×20,12.
  7. OH Plate Raise: 25×20,12.

Despite missing the rep goal on the AMRAP set, it moved quite well but I just couldn’t get all the reps. The sets  145×3, 150×3, 155×1 (joker sets) were all supposed to be five reps a piece but that wasn’t happening today. 

I’m still convinced that military press behind the neck has the greatest carryover to my bench press.


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