091C – 5/3/1

Feeling a little banged-up this morning so I took a little extra time to mobilize and warm-up this morning, but even with the extra time, I was not on my game.

  1. Deadlift: 135×7, 180×5, 225×3, 295×5, 340×5, 385×12 (rep goal -2), 425×5, 445×3, 470×0.
  2. 12 Minutes Loaded Carries, 4 Rounds: 100 lb DB farmer carry, 90 lb beat carry, 45 lb Overhead plate carry.

I skipped FSLS, RDL, and Landmine Rows, but I completed almost 4 rounds of 100lb DB Carries, 90lb bear hugs, and 45lb overhead plate carries. I really enjoyed this conditioning giant set. 

I was feeling really depleted and not strong this morning, I should have made the rep goal no problem. I have to start eating again, pizza three times a day if I have too. Time to start tracking and setting alarms when I should eat. 


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