093A – Bench Press – 531

Excited to get in this morning and hit some heavy fatigued singles on bench press. I’ve poured a lot accessory work so I was expecting positive things.

  1. Hanging Leg Raise: 16.
  2. Bench Press: 115×7, 145×5, 175×3, 225×5, 250×3, 280lb (127kg) x 8, rep goal -1, singles of 305/138, 320/145, 335/152 — an all time PR — 225×14.
  3. BB Floor Press: 135×8, 225x3x6, 5.
  4. DB Flyes: 35×12,20,20,20.
  5. Tricep Pressdown: 30x4x20.
  6. Push-ups: 3×15.
  7. 25#OH Plate Raises: 3×25.

That PR set I  felt like I could have rep at least 2 or 3! My bench is moving so well, I hope to hit the goal I set for myself that I had for it last year before injury robbed me.

I tell you, everyone should train in the morning — a PR is a helluva away to amp your confidence for the day.


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