094A – 531

Got in a little late this morning and didn’t really sleep well but got to it after an abbreviated warmup.

  1. BENCH PRESS: 120x2x5, 145×5, 175×5, 225×5, 255×10 (rep goal ✅), 280×5, 295×4, 310×3 rep PR, 195×18
  2. BB Floor Press: 135×10, 225x3x5, 135×10.
  3. DB Flyes: 45×10,10,8,8.
  4. Cable Pressdowns: 30x4x25.
  5. 25# OH Plate Raises: 25,25,15,15.

Bench was okay today but it didn’t really feel like I was hitting my groove, but maybe it had something to do with a return to training at 5am weekdays again. 


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