094B – 531

Finally got some good sleep last night, but probably sabotaged myself by way under eating yesterday.

  1. Squat: 140x2x5, 175×5, 210×3, 225×5, 260×5, 295x2x5, 325×5, 340×5, 355×3.
  2. DB Lunges: 30x3x20.
  3. Back Extensions: 12,10,10.

Squats didn’t move a well as I hoped. I seemed to be pitching forward and a little loose. I had difficulty engaging the lats and pulling down on the bar. I’ve tried this style of squat (torso more upwards) and next session I think I’m going to go back to the Rippetoe style, looking downwards/nipples pointing to the ground style with hands above the bar to push the bar into the back instead of pulling down. Not the best session this morning. 

On further review, these don’t look as tragic as I thought. Still, while performing them I felt all sorts if inconsistencies I’d like to fix. 

Still they are more difficult than before, but they look more controlled and less dive-bombie.  Always room for improvement.


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