096A – Bench Press – 531

After a few weeks of as basic programming as I could get (primarily just training strength work) it will be nice to get back on schedule as close as possible finishing this meso out.

  1. Hanging Leg Raises: 20.
  2. Bench Press: 125×7, 150×5, 180×4, 225×5, 255×3, 285×6 rep goal ✅, 315×1, 330×1, 350×0, 225×15. 
  3. BB Floor Press: 135×8, 205×8,8,8,6.
  4. DB Flyes: 40×12,12,20.
  5. Tricep Pushdowns: 30×25,25,25,20.

Felt pretty strong this morning and everything was moving okay. If I would have succeeded with the 350 I would have had a new PR. Oh well. 

This ends this six week block of benching so next six weeks I’ll switch focus from heavier singles to more accessory volume work. Still, I walked away with a new bench PR of 335 lbs in this last block so I can’t complain.


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