096B – Squats – 531

Decided to change my training time around and now reserve 8-10am to train and fit work in around it. Freelance design before training and coaching and personal training afterwards. This seems to help me eat more regularly.

  1. Hanging Leg Raises: 16.
  2. Squat: 135×5, 140×6, 175×5, 210×3, 260×5, 295×3, Squats: 330×6 rep goal ✅, singles of 360, 380, 405 lbs. 
  3. DB Goblet Squat: 60x4x12.
  4. Back Extenstions: 3×14.

Began the session squatting warmups Rippetoe style and ended more Chad Wesley Smith/Max Aita style with a full grip on the bar and head neutral. I think I’m going to low bar this way from now on. 
The top set of 405/183kg moved really well and I felt like I had another one or two in the tank. I’ve noticed that with a false grip my right shoulder is not even with my left shoulder, but full grip it balances them out.
That ends this six week block, deload next week.


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