096D – Deadlift – 531

Since I will be leading a group fitness class on Saturday and I have Friday’s off, I’m placing Deadlifts on this day now.

  1. Deadlift: 135x2x5, 190×5, 235×5, 285×3, 355×5, 400×3, 450×1, 495×1, 520×1, 550×0, 450×5, 355×10. 
  2. RDL: 225x4x8.
  3. Football Bar Row: 110×8, 140x2x8, 180×8,7, 190×4, 110×12.
  4. Wide Grip Pulldowns: 30x2x50.
  5. 25# OH Plate Raises: 40,25.

I wasn’t able break the floor on the 550 and I was so sure I’d make this milestone in my training today. Dang.

Also, I got to use the football bar for the first time to do rows and the neutral grip is so much easier on my wrists and elbows. So glad that I can bring barbell rows back into my program.

Today’s workout was the last workout of this meso, and not too soon. I’m feeling pretty fatigued so it will be good to take a break next week and have a nice deload, take some walks, and might even get one GPP session in.


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