0101A – 531

Ah… this morning marks the start of a new 9 week program with squat and bench press 3x a week, including accessories to attack whatever weak points I discovered in the last program. After a week off, I was pretty pumped to get under the bar again.

  1. Squat: 135×7, 140×5, 180×5, 215×3, 230×5, 265×5, 300×10 rep goal ✅, 265×5, 230×10.
  2. Paused Box Squats 3/3/1 Tempo: 230x4x3. These felt awesome!
  3. DB Goblet Squat: 60x3x12.
  4. GHD: BWx3x10. I like these.
  5. 500m Row Sprint: 1:58.

Heavy squats up first this morning and they felt great using the Texas Bar. Hubba Hubba. I took much less rest between sets because I desperately need to increase my cardio capacity — another weakness I need to attack. 

Anyway, I have such a lifters high after this session I even like prepped cook lunch for two days in a row! Tracked it too!


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