0101C – 531

After a tiny breakfast, it was time to hit the gym.

  1. Squat: 135×5, 185×5, 215×5, 255x3x5.
  2. Bench Press: 135×8, 185×5, 215×5, 255×7, 235x3x8.
  3. DB Bench Press: 65×12,8,8,9.
  4. Back Ext: 20 reps.

Extra work and reps today to practice consistency with low bar, and to keep that bench Press well grooved. Bench was super hard, had to drop my planned weight a bunch. I have never benched two days in row. 

Later in that evening I did a 15 minutes of conditioning.

  1. Inverted Rows: 5×10.
  2. Push-ups: 5×15.
  3. 25# OH Plate Raises: 4×15.
  4. KB Swings: 40×15,15,10,10.

I eventually caught up on my macros even ended with an nice little surplus.


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