0102B – 531

Walked in, ready to attack it this morning.

  1. Squat: 140×5, 155×5, 180×3, 215×3, 250×3, 285×3, 320×8,7, rep goal ✅, 285×3, 250×10.
  2. Tempo 3/3/1 Squats: 250x3x3.
  3. Goblet Squats: 65x3x12.
  4. 10’Minute Conditioning 4 rounds: Inverted Rows, Push-up, KB Swings 10 reps.

This first squat work set I spent too much mental energy worrying about cues. Second work set I shut the inner voice and did the work.

I could have pushed for more rounds on the conditioning, but didn’t. The fat man inverted Rows I’m feeling good at, perhaps I’ll soon be back to pull-ups again.

Good session today.


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