0102E – 531

Two pizzas yesterday and bet your ass I was ready to deadlift this morning.

  1. Deadlift: 135×7,5, 195×5, 245×3, 335×3, 385×3 435×7,6,3 – rep goal achieved, 385×3, 335×10.
  2. Rack Pulls: 135×8, 315×5, 405×3.
  3. FB Barbell Rows: 110×12, 140×10, 170×8, 200×6, 140×10.
  4. 1-Arm DB Rows: 100x2x8, 105x2x8.
  5. Prowler 1 Min EMOM Sprints: 2 rounds.

Not only did I make the rep goal on the first set, but I Increased my one arm dumbell row up to 105 lbs and finished with two 1 minute set of prowler sprints. 

In reviewing the video looks like I’m dropping my hips to low again and too much bouncing, I have to clean that up and go back to set hips, grip, and pull.


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